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Who We Are

As an organizational development firm, SparkPoint specializes in creating effective and purpose-driven work cultures for organizations spanning many different sectors.

 At SparkPoint, we're passionate about working alongside your organization to create a healthy, thriving work environment for you and your team.

Why We’re Different

SparkPoint is more than just a name, it represents the unique mindset in which we approach the people and organizations we work with.

Each team member has a spark of unlimited potential. Our goal is to ignite this spark.

By creating space for failure and connecting team  to the shared purpose of their work, SparkPoint is able to improve company performance and remarkably transform leaders, teams, and the environments they work in.


Relationship Building

Our strategic services include a full range of completely customized relationship building exercises and solutions to help teams thrive together. Many organizations struggle with effective communication simply because they are not prepared. Our comprehensive strategies are designed specifically to help your teams communicate, collaborate, and conquer shared goals.

Leadership Skills

Strong leadership skills are the bedrock to a healthy, purpose-driven work culture. We work alongside leaders to develop and hone their ability to inspire team members and ignite hidden potential. As each organization is unique, so is our approach to helping leaders and teams feel connected and respected in order deliver superior results.

Problem Solving

As problems arise within a work environment, leaders and team members must be able to come together, develop solutions, and resolve issues as they come. If organizations are struggling with this, our strategic approach to problem solving can locate the source of the problem and develop effective solutions specific to your needs.